WeAreNeat Painting, LLC

           WeAreNeat Painting, LLC
        bring with itself, several key qualities that make the difference throughout the years. 


  • Character - WeAreNeat Painting, LLC is headed by a seasoned professional with a Christian character and skilled.  
  • Credentials - We use seasoned professionals with a history of proven accomplishments and hands on skills that are insured in their respective field.
  • Reliability - Our work is second to none, and we back it up with written guarantees and references to earn your total satisfaction.
  • Honesty and Integrity - WeAreNeat realizes that growth in this market is largely achieved through “word of mouth” therefore, it is critical for any business to ensure that its credibility is never questioned.
  • Professionalism - We use employees that are carefully screened to ensure that their character is consistent with the positive image we are trying to project.
  • Customer Satisfaction - Greater competition provides customers with more choices. Therefore, we need to make customer satisfaction the “centerpiece” of our company philosophy.
  • Pricing - WeAreNeat combines the highest standards of quality with competitive pricing.
  • Payments Terms - We require less "upfront” money, and we have implemented a "pay as you go" system for affordable and convenient payments terms.


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